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Since its inception in 1996, the vision of the Fine Arts Connection of Thomaston has been to create an organization dedicated to promoting the varied expressions of creativity in the realm of fine arts. One focus of this vision is to expose adults and children alike to the many diverse forms of art that exist in and around Thomaston, CT such as theater, music, dance, writing, painting, photography and many more.

It is recognized that the arts serve to assist a person in experiencing a greater satisfaction with life, either as a member of an audience or as a participant. The audience can listen to or observe and absorb what the artist has presented, while the participant can express his or her inner soul through the music, camera eye, dance, or canvas. No matter how one experiences the arts, experiencing them is paramount to one’s enjoyment of life, for life, in itself, is art.

Thank you Thomaston Savings Bank for choosing the Fine Arts Connection of Thomaston (FACT) as one of many grant recipient’s in the bank’s 20 Ways in 20 Days.

FACT President Dennis LaPlante accepts the grant check from the Thomaston Savings Bank Information Technology team on December 1st.

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The Fine Arts Connection of Thomaston presents Along the Way November 26 thru December 10th at the Crescent Gallery, 158 Main Street, Thomaston, CT 06787.

The focus for this show will be our journeys. These Connecticut artists who have traveled through life will share what caught their eye along the way. The Ten-2-One Artists will share their styles and assorted mediums highlighting their personal journeys through landscape, local landmarks, still life, wildlife, etc.

The Gallery will be open one hour before showtimes of the Thomaston Opera House productions of It’s a Wonderful Life

December 1, 2 8, 9 from 7-8 p.m.
November 26, December 3, 10 from 1-2 pm

And, come meet the artists, during our open studio sessions, any Thursday from 10 am – 1 pm.

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Babcia's Wedding Pitcher

Image: Babcia’s Wedding Pitcher
oil painting by Carmina Ayazides

Ten-2-One Artists at the Crescent Gallery

Ten-2-One Artists at the Crescent Gallery

Left to right – front row (seated): Pat Piscopo, Fredricka Schwanka, Carmina Ayazides, Ann Walsh, Claudia Pettinicchi

Middle row: Don Clark, Robert McEvoy, Cassandra Guidess, Deborah Apostolico, Ash Royer, Carol Kunschaft, Susan Coppola, Judi Kontout, Patty MacIver

Back row: Cindy Blanchard, David Jean, Molly Barnes, Bill Lutkus, Nancy Fischer, Bob Brophy, David Verdosci

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Crescent Gallery


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The latest work from local artists and members of FACT.

  • Babcia's Wedding Pithcer
    Carmina Ayazides

  • The Road to the Barn
    Judy Kontout

  • Summer Days
    Bob Brophy

  • Oliver the Cat
    Molly Barnes